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General dentistry involves treating a variety of dental problems that many people face. General dentistry can involve dental procedures such as correcting crowded teeth, over/underbites, making dentures, constructing mouth guards, removing wisdom teeth, performing root canal treatments, performing dental hygiene cleans and taking x-rays to properly evaluate dental conditions.

General Dentistry
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Holistic Dentistry


Holistic dentistry is founded on the principles of your mouth’s relation to the rest of your body. In other words, oral health mirrors your overall well-being, and its condition affects the rest of your body. It is a more modern, natural and innovative approach to dentistry – put simply, it is good dentistry. 

Holistic dentistry takes a broader perspective, considering your teeth, muscles, airway, and bones. In contrast, traditional dentistry only focuses on fixing the problems in the mouth and does not address any other issues. 

Holistic dentistry focuses on the mouth as an integral part of your body that plays a key role in your overall health. This integrative philosophy considers other parts of your body and how they connect. It assumes that none works in isolation from another. Traditional dentistry follows a problem-oriented model and focuses on managing problems after they arise.

Mother holding up a mirror to her smiling daughter so that she can view her clean teeth.
Cosmetic Dentistry


When we go to the dentist, it is often for a routine appointment or because toothache strikes. However, there are many other reasons we should visit. Our teeth are more than purely functional. While they most certainly help us to eat, they also form part of one of our most important features, our smiles. How confident we are when we talk and smile can make a huge difference to our lives and how we are perceived by others. So, while cosmetic dentistry on the surface may seem purely aesthetic, it actually runs much deeper. The fact is that improving the way we look can have a profound impact on our lives. 


Orthodontics focuses on correcting crowding or tooth malalignment, and the shape and position of the jaws too. With the help of orthodontic treatment, people can correct various dental issues, such as crowded teeth, overbites, and underbites, and therefore can enhance a patient’s appearance and also their oral health as well.  

Our integrative dentistry focuses on how oral health impacts the body as a whole. As holistic dentists, we prioritise treatments to encourage a healthy airway, correct form and function of the jaws, and teeth alignment. We will help address the underlying causes of orthodontic issues, such as airway obstructions and mouth breathing and myofunctional problems.

A holistic approach to orthodontics will also involve early intervention, often well before the adult dentition is fully erupted and as soon as the problem is detected. We aim to avoid tooth extractions and invasive procedures wherever possible.

Our orthodontic treatments and procedures can help you to improve the appearance of your teeth, mouth and smile by changing the colour, position, shape, size and alignment of your teeth. However, we will do more than ensure your teeth look better; we will help you to breathe and sleep better, to eat more healthily and to smile with confidence. By choosing orthodontic dentistry with a holistic approach, you can improve the way you look and make a significant improvement to your overall health and wellbeing.



Snowy Mountains Dental is the closest dental facility to Thredbo, Perisher and Charlotte Pass.  We are also the only dental practice in Jindabyne.  We welcome enquiries from visitors and local residents requiring emergency care and endeavour to schedule appointments as promptly as possible. 

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