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Why choose us?

Snowy Mountains Dental offers a broad spectrum of dental services & holistic care, as well as being accessible & convenient. 
The services we provide are more extensive than many practices in the cities. 
We’re dynamic and relevant,

rural and urban-minded - we are unmistakably different.   

Snowy Mountains Dental unique expertise and treatments symbol

Unique Expertise and Treatments

With a full spectrum of preventive and early intervention care and treatments, we constantly seek the relevant care or treatment for the relevant Snowy Mountains Dental client.   We also pride ourselves on being at the heart of the Snowys - in the centre of Jindabyne and accessible to all generations. 

Snowy Mountains Dental distinctive care symbol.

Distinctive Care

We strive to help patients optimise their health and this means working as a multi-disciplinary team, and with other health professionals. We also take the guess work out of managing the overall health of each individual.  We pride ourselves on having exceptional communication with patients and go the extra mile to ensure that appointments are made with precision. 

Snowy Mountains Dental local, trusted and respected symbol.

Local, Trusted, Respected

We’ve been in Jindabyne since 2003, and our patients tell us we’re the real thing: a genuine family dental practice with great service. Always have been, and always will be.  That doesn’t mean we are stuck in the past, far from it. Like our Mountains ancestors, we’ve been moving forward since we got here, and there’s more to come. 

Snowy Mountains Dental authentic substance symbol

Authentic Substance

Snowy Mountains Dental has a credible, relevant and unique purpose to deliver - life-long / long-term comprehensive care - from preventive to early intervention and restorative treatment. 

Snowy Mountains Dental help patients learn and understand symbol.

Help Patients Learn
and Understand

Snowy Mountains Dental thinks differently to other dentists.  Patients are educated so they are able to address risk factors that may be contributing to deterioration of their dentition. 

Snowy Mountains Dental timely holistic treatments and care symbol.

Timely Holistic
Treatment and Care

Snowy Mountains Dental addresses clients with integrative care focusing on how dental health & systemic health affect each other.  Preventive care and early intervention care are at our core. 

Meet Our Dental Team

Meet Our Experienced Dental Team 

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team are all members of the community and as such focus highly on the treatment and care they provide.  Each member strives for excellence in care and customer service, and loves nothing more than bringing a positive and friendly manner to our practice to ensure you have a positive experience in our care.  

•  Expertise    Approachable    Here for you  • 


Zommed in portrait of Snowy Mountains Dental Doctor Yuli Ong


Yuli was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and her family migrated to Brisbane when she was an infant. She completed her schooling there. After gaining a Queensland Health Scholarship to study at The University of Queensland, she graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science with Honours in 1997. She then spent two years in Bundaberg and it is here that she started refining her skills in orthodontics, paediatric dentistry and oral surgery. She moved to the area in 2000 and took over Snowy Mountains Dental in 2003. Yuli has completed many courses in airway focused orthopaedics, orthodontics and craniofacial pain. In her practice, she aims to help patients to holistically prevent disease and optimise their health. Outside dentistry, Yuli is a retired snowboard and ski instructor and previously worked at Thredbo, Vail and Beaver Creek. She still enjoys the snow and being in the great outdoors doing mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking with her family. Most of all, she loves being a Mum. Yuli is also fascinated by the benefits of using breathing techniques to optimise well-being and she enjoys practising yoga regularly. Yuli welcomes new and existing patients to the practice and is thrilled to be part of this wonderful community.

Zoomed in portrait of Snowy Mountains Dental Doctor Kah Chong.


Kah has a vast knowledge on everything dental. He particularly enjoys preventive and comprehensive dentistry, and loves to teach his patients the value of great oral health. He also has special interests in Dental Implants and cosmetic dentistry.  Kah studied at Queensland University and went on to do his fellowship in England before returning to Australia. Along the way, he has developed a knack for languages too – speaking English, Cantonese, French and Italian. Kah spent years with the Royal Flying Doctor Service and gained an unprecedented amount of experience working in the outback. Before and after the RFDS, he works in private practice looking after communities with his caring and gentle manner. During his down time he loves to fly gliders (planes without motors!), enjoy mixed martial arts classes, crew and sail tall ships, cooking and spend quality time with his family and friends, and of course, snowboarding.

Zoomed in portrait of Snowy Mountains Dental Doctor Xiao Jin


Hi. If you’re reading this, maybe it’s because you want to know about me. More likely though, you want to see whether I can be trusted or not with looking after your teeth. It’s okay - I take no offence to that! It’s well and good to trust but even better to verify.  I could tell you that I trained at the University of Sydney and have been working since 2015 primarily in regional areas. I could reassure you that I am a safe and competent practitioner in all aspects of general dentistry. I could try to impress you with all the treatments that I am particularly interested in and how great I am at them but you might not make it to the next paragraph with your consciousness intact. Instead, let me walk you through what our first appointment might look like. You park your car. You’re a little early but you decide to go inside instead anyway. You might be feeling a little anxious, as people do when going to an appointment. You wonder if we’ll be able to tell that you haven’t been flossing, or if you might experience pain, or how much everything might cost. You open the front door before those thoughts lead you further down that trail. You hear the jangle of our welcome bell, someone behind the front counter pops their head up and greets you. You can only see their eyes over the high countertop but you can tell that they’re beaming a welcoming smile at you. “Hello! We won’t be long. Take a seat” they say. No reason to doubt them. We usually run on time (but please don’t hold me to account too strictly on this. Sometimes things happen. If we do run late, we try our best to call ahead and let you know). Now, while this is happening, I’m in the surgery and out of view. I emerge with an aura of tranquillity. “Hello! I’m Xiao. Dental Nurse and I are ready. Please follow me”. “He seems pleasant enough,” you think as you wrangle a nervous smile and peel yourself off the lounge chair. “But you can never tell with dentists”. You take off your jacket. It can be pretty cosy in the clinic sometimes. You take a seat in the dental chair and I pull up a chair next to you. The surgery is a little small but not claustrophobic. You feel like you’re riding shotgun in a campervan and I’m driving. “Don’t worry - I might be Asian but I’m not a bad driver!”  We make small talk and strike a chord on something we’re both interested in (snowboards, obviously, but maybe also mountain bikes, Wes Anderson films, crocheting - poorly, ska music, sunrises…). Finally, I get to the point. “Anyway, what can we help you with?” You talk us through your problems and concerns. We do an examination, perhaps some tests, photos and x-rays. I talk you through each step giving you the opportunity to stop us at any time. “Alright.” I raise the chair. “Here is the concern (or concerns) we have found.” I show you on the x-ray or photos. We discuss the diagnosis, treatment options, pros and cons of those options and the relevant fees. At the start, you were wondering if we could be the ones in charge of your oral health. Now you realise that the only person qualified for that position is you. Here at Snowy Mountains Dental we will help guide and support you on your oral health journey.



Jordan 4_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. Jordan Hawkins, our locum dentist, is a University of Melbourne graduate. Jordan brings a wealth of experience and a calm, compassionate demeanour to our practice. He is most passionate about preventive dentistry and helping patients to achieve optimal dental health for life. Outside of the dental office, Jordan is an avid snowboarder and skier, perfectly at home in the snowy peaks of our beautiful region. He is also currently training for a marathon, showcasing his dedication and perseverance both in his professional and personal life. He also enjoys cold water immersion therapy, rock climbing and mountain biking. In the short time he has been here Dr. Hawkins has already embraced the fabulous community spirit in the Snowy Mountains and has been a very valuable asset to the team at trivia nights!

Joanna Crowe 2_edited.webp

Joanna Crowe joined Snowy Mountains Dental in 2015 and is a highly valued member of the team delivering high quality patient care. Jo has a warm and engaging personality and shows great empathy with the patients. Jo grew up in Braidwood and has a passion for the country life. Prior to working as a dental assistant with Snowy Mountains Dental, Jo had worked on cattle stations in the NT, WA and QLD. Jo is married and has two young girls and is dedicated and passionate about raising her children in the beautiful Snowy Mountains. She loves to grow her own produce and is constantly learning more about nutrition and wellness. Jo and her family love the outdoors and enjoy swimming and bike riding. Since joining the team, Jo has completed her Dental Assisting Certificate and is keen to advance her skills in Orthodontics and Myofunctional Therapy.

Darcie 1_edited.jpg

Meet Darcie, our caring and skilled dental assistant dedicated to ensuring your comfort and well-being during your visit. Darcie has a Bachelor's degree in Medical and Health Science, and is keen to become a speech pathologist. She is currently studying a Certificate III in Dental Assisting. Darcie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice. Having recently relocated from Wollongong to the beautiful Snowy Mountains in January 2024, Darcie is committed to serving our community with warmth and professionalism. Darcie has worked previously in hospitality but also as a swimming teacher. She is great with kids of all ages and is one of 14 siblings herself! Her passion is to ensure that each and every patient feels as comfortable as possible during their appointments at Snowy Mountains Dental.

Zoomed in portrait of Snowy Mountains Dental hygienist Rochelle Mcpherson.

Rochelle brings extensive training, clinical expertise, and a passion for her role as a Dental Hygienist. With more than 29 years of industry experience, Rochelle’s expertise is regularly sought by health and education professionals. Rochelle is committed to providing best oral management for her patients. Her many national and state-level leadership roles within the dental hygiene profession have provided Rochelle with a high-level overview of trends and issues affecting the wider allied health industry, giving her an insight into the multifaceted holistic approach to health. Rochelle maintains a commitment to evidence-based practise and stays abreast of relevant research in the field. Rochelle is the co-author of the textbook, Dental Sleep Medicine, publish by Springer in 2022. In 2010, Rochelle went on to study orofacial myology and is one of Australia’s pioneers of orofacial myology (OM), establishing one of the country’s first OM practices. Rochelle moved to the Snowy Mountains region after falling in love with both the area and the community. At Snowy Mountains Dental, she enjoys meeting and learning about her patients and becoming part of the vibrant, interesting Snowy Mountains community. When Rochelle is not working, she is often outdoors, loving many of the activities the area offers, snow skiing, sailing, paddle boarding, dragon boating, and amazing hikes. Rochelle is a regular at Trivia, held at the bowling club and loves the social life the mountain life offers. Rochelle is often seen with her husband, Dave and walking her cocker spaniel, Kevin.

Sally 1_edited.jpg

Sally, our friendly and caring receptionist at Snowy Mountains Dental, who is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of every patient who walks through our doors. With extensive experience in front-of-house roles and administration, she brings exceptional organisational skills and a warm, welcoming demeanour to our practice. Sally has a great desire to connect with people. This interest, and her thirst for knowledge has driven her to study both a Diploma in Counselling and a Certificate III in Dental Assisting simultaneously. Sally is an animal lover who enjoys spending her free time with her pets and going to the lake. Her commitment to creating a positive and comfortable environment makes her a valuable member of our team.



Our Clinic

Snowy Mountains Dental is a progressive practice offering general, preventive, and orthodontic procedures, with a holistic approach.  Holistic dentistry links oral health to general health – it is simply, good dentistry.


Established in 2003, Snowy Mountains Dental knows the value of looking after people.  Our family-friendly practice,  conveniently located in the centre of Jindabyne, is built on long-term trusting relationships with our wonderful, loyal patients, and the wider local community throughout Jindabyne and the Snowy Monaro.


Dedicated to helping patients keep smiling beautifully for life, our expert team provides comprehensive dental services with a focus on exemplary treatment and care for our patients.


We also ensure that our team members are offered as much support as our patients, providing them with a welcoming work environment where efforts are recognised and rewarded.

Our Purpose

We are the Snowy Mountains experts in oral health. Snowy Mountains Dental is purposeful and progressive – like our mountain people that came before us. We are the modern (mountains) way to dentist - always a step ahead, open-minded and passionate in our approach to oral and holistic health.  

Snowy Mountains Dental addresses clients with integrative care focusing on how dental health and systemic health affect each other. Preventive care and early intervention care are at its core.

We strive to be the most relevant offer to our clients: dedicated to tailoring patient care to the individual, through the use of
complimentary and timely therapies, treatments and care that are only otherwise available in Canberra or Sydney.

Our Values

Snowy Mountains Dental is a leader in its field - that likes to challenge and be challenged. 

We redefine the dental experience in our region - transforming service, new approaches to care, an evolution in excellence, and very much in step with our patients.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, accessible, trusted, and optimistic; always enlivening the dental experience with our spirited and purposeful mountain attitude and high standards, with a service that represents the ultimate solution to oral care in the Snowy Monaro.

Our Fees

We have budget friendly payment plans, convenient on the spot healthcare claim facilities, and can provide you with a treatment plan and quote to ensure peace of mind. 

Please contact our team to find out more about fees associated with your specific treatments, care and plans that can only be quoted to the individual patient, depending on requirements and needs.


For further information on Fees: 

For further information on Payment Options: 

Our Fees


  • Why should I consider replacing missing teeth?
    Replacing missing teeth is important for several reasons, both from a functional and aesthetic perspective, as well as for your overall oral health. Here are some key reasons why you should consider replacing missing teeth: 1. Maintain Proper Dental Function: Your teeth work together to perform essential functions like chewing, speaking, and maintaining proper alignment of your other teeth. When a tooth is missing, it can affect your ability to chew food properly and speak clearly. 2. Prevent Shifting of Teeth: When there is a gap in your dental arch due to a missing tooth, adjacent teeth may start to shift or drift into that space. This can lead to misalignment issues, bite problems, and potential for more tooth loss over time. 3. Preserve Jawbone Health: The roots of your teeth stimulate the jawbone when you chew and bite. When a tooth is missing, the underlying jawbone can start to deteriorate or resorb over time. This can lead to a loss of bone density and affect the overall structure and appearance of your face. 4. Enhance Aesthetics: Missing teeth can impact your smile's appearance and self-confidence. Replacing a missing tooth can restore your smile, improve your self-esteem, and help you feel more comfortable in social and professional situations. 5. Prevent TMJ Disorders: Changes in your bite due to missing teeth can contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, leading to jaw pain, headaches, and discomfort. 6. Distribute Bite Forces: Your teeth share the force of your bite when you eat. When a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth may have to bear more load, which can lead to excessive wear and tear on those teeth and potential dental problems. 7. Improve Digestion and Nutrition: Proper chewing is essential for effective digestion. Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew food thoroughly, which may lead to digestive issues or malnourishment. 8. Maintain Speech Clarity: Some teeth play a crucial role in forming certain speech sounds. Missing teeth, especially in the front of your mouth, can affect your ability to pronounce words correctly. 9. Prevent Gum Problems: Gaps in your teeth can trap food particles and make it harder to maintain proper oral hygiene. This can increase the risk of gum disease and other dental issues. To address a missing tooth, you have several options, including dental implants, bridges, and removable dentures. The choice of replacement depends on your specific situation, including your oral health, budget, and preferences. Ask our friendly dentists, who can help you determine the best solution to replace missing teeth and maintain your oral health and overall well-being.
  • What age should I bring my child in?
    As a rule of thumb, 6 months from when they get their first tooth so generally by their first birthday is when you can schedule your baby’s first dentistry visit. While we are usually able to examine the teeth at this appointment, it is also largely to talk to you the parents/caregivers regarding the best oral health care regimen for your child and discuss any risks that may adversely affect your baby s dental health. Starting dental visits early not only ensures a healthy smile but also educates children on the importance of oral hygiene, fostering habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.
  • What age should my kids get teeth (baby and adult)?
    Your child’s first baby tooth will usually erupt around 6 months though it can be as early as 4 months or as late as 8 months. This tooth is normally one of the lower central teeth. (Although everyone is different so it may be somewhere else).
  • My baby has his/her first teeth. How do I clean these?
    Cleaning your baby’s first teeth is a foundational step in paediatric dental care. Initially, gently wiping all surfaces with a flannel or muslin cloth (no toothpaste needed) is sufficient. This method ensures the removal of any residual milk or food particles, mitigating the risk of potential build-up or decay. As your baby’s dental development progresses, it’s advisable to introduce a soft baby toothbrush with a minimal amount of age-appropriate toothpaste. This acclimatises your child to the brushing sensation and the flavour of toothpaste.
  • How do I brush my child’s teeth?
    Firstly, do the best you can, it’s not always easy! It is good to establish a routine to make brushing a habit and a necessity just like changing a nappy is. Brushing twice daily (morning and evening) is ideal and can be incorporated into bath time. When your child’s first baby teeth appear, you can start by gently wiping those teeth with a soft cloth. As the baby molars begin to emerge, transition to using a soft toothbrush, focusing on the back of the teeth. As the teeth start to touch each other, it’s a good idea to introduce flossing to ensure all surfaces are clean. The best positioning for brushing your child’s teeth is to brush from slightly behind and to the side (almost cradling them but upright). You can then perform small circular motions on the gums on the inside and outside of the teeth, making sure to reach right to the back. Brush the chewing surfaces of the molars whilst maintaining the circular motions. A small smear of age-appropriate toothpaste can be used on the brush. As your child grows older and becomes more independent, encourage them to take the lead in brushing. Aiming for a brushing duration of around 2 minutes is ideal. However, it’s recommended that you finish off the brushing to ensure thorough cleaning. By teaching your child proper oral care techniques and establishing a consistent routine, you set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. Early dental care is paramount.


Snowy Mountains Dental is the closest dental facility to Thredbo, Perisher and Charlotte Pass.  We are also the only dental practice in Jindabyne.  We welcome enquiries from visitors and local residents requiring emergency care and endeavour to schedule appointments as promptly as possible. 

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