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Dental Hygiene & Periodontal Therapy

Chronic oral infections in the gums, teeth and jaw bones can often go undetected and yet have a significant impact on our health. These have been shown to predispose us to cardiovascular disease, diabetes osteoporosis, low birth weight in babies and some cancers. 

The main factors influencing the health of your mouth are: 

• Optimal nutrition 
• Brushing and flossing – how well and how often. 
• Your own immune system. 

At Snowy Mountains Dental our holistic approach to prevention of gum disease. This includes general dentistry protocols such as a thorough scale, clean and curettage together with oral hygiene instruction. 


• Chronic inflammation or infection (periodontal disease) occurs when plaque and tartar build up around the tooth, pushing the gum away from the tooth, creating a pocket which is impossible to clean, resulting in chronic inflammation and eventually irreversible bone loss. 

• Although it rarely causes pain, the early signs of periodontal disease are bleeding gums when you brush or floss. 

• Inflammation and/or infection of the gum (gingiva) or the supporting structures of a tooth can cause problems for your health. Inflammation and/or infection can cause bleeding of the gums when you brush or occasionally floss your teeth which can, over a number of years, cause loss of bone around your teeth and eventually tooth loss.  

• The symptoms of gum disease include red and puffy gums, bleeding, persistent bad breath, spaces that begin to appear between teeth, one or more teeth begin to loosen, receding gums, vague aching or  itching, as well as other discomfort.

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