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Do you want to work with the experts of oral health in the Snowy Monaro?
Then apply now for a job at Snowy Mountains Dental.


Dr. Kah Chong, Dentist

I like working at Snowy Mountains Dental because it is located away from the city, in the  beautiful surrounds of mountains and  lakes. Also, the patients who visit us are friendly, and interested in taking care of themselves.  It is rewarding, because I'm not pressured to fulfill an appointment quickly so I can focus on doing the treatments properly. Professionally, Snowy Mountains Dental helps me to keep up with current techniques and technology so as to be helpful to our patients, which is highly motivating. SMD is a place where patients can get comprehensive oral health treatments, not just from the perspective of teeth, but also your sleep. It's wonderful when patients come in for an appointment and walk away feeling better educated about their oral health and how to keep it on track.

Peta Howard, Dental Assistant

It makes me proud when patients come in for an appointment and walk away feeling better educated about their oral health and how to keep it on track. We have a small amazing team that work well together. I like that Snowy Mountains Dental offers a wide variety of oral health treatments and care. We also refer patients to many other health professionals within our community, and vice versa. Having all these professionals work together is amazing to witness and great for our community. The Snowy Monaro brings a lot of different people to the area because of its amazing landscape and endless activities. I love the mountains and really enjoy all the sporting activities it has to offer.

Joanne Crowe, Dental Asisstant

I have a come a long way in my career since starting at Snowy Mountains Dental, the practice has helped me grow in a professional manner and has helped develop me in to the employee I am today. I like working as part of the team, the challenges the role presents and I'm proud of  the quality of care the patients receive from our team at Snowy Mountains Dental.

Who Are We?

Snowy Mountains Dental is a progressive practice offering general, preventative, and cosmetic procedures, with a holistic approach. Located in the centre of Jindabyne, the heart of the Snowy Mountains and our local communities. 

We strive to help patients optimise their health and this means working as a multi-disciplinary team, along with other health professionals. 

Established in 2003, Snowy Mountains Dental knows the value of looking after people. Our family-friendly practice is built on long term trusting relationships with our wonderful, loyal patients, the wider local community, and our long-standing team members. 

Dedicated to helping patients keep smiling beautifully for life, our expert team provides comprehensive dental services with a focus on exemplary treatment and care for our patients.


We also ensure that our team members are offered as much support as our patients, providing them with a welcoming work environment where efforts are recognised and rewarded.

What Positions Are Available?

At Snowy Mountains Dental we are always looking for the most talented people to join us in every role. We have positions for dentists, hygienists, oral health therapists, dental assistants, dental receptionists, and practice managers. 

A particular focus for us is our holistic approach to oral health, so we prefer our hires to have an open-mind to these treatments and care plans.

We love to support and provide opportunities for the next generation of dentists, oral health therapists and hygienists graduating in Australia, so we hire new or recent dental graduates, as well as experienced dentists. 

For dental assistants, receptionists, and practice managers, we hire the best person for the role regardless of experience – so experienced or inexperienced people should apply.

Who Should Apply?

  • Are you reliable, adaptable and friendly?

  • Are you a self-motivated individual with initiative?

  • Do you love to be on an expert team that delivers a unique and stand-out local service?

  • Do you have a positive attitude towards learning and developing?

  • Do you have a long-term career interest and commitment to our team?

  • Do you have strong communication skills?

  • Do you love working as part of a highly collaborative team?

  • Do you love being at work?

  • Do you love to laugh and have fun at work?

  • Are you constantly smiling?

  • Do you love doing good for others?

  • Do you love making others smile?

  • Are you excited to live in an  extraordinary high country location?

If you answered yes to all these questions you may just be a perfect fit for our dental team. We are always looking for the friendliest and brightest for every role at Snowy Mountains Dental.

How Do I Apply?

Are you a passionate, positive and fun person who loves working as part of a team and is committed to personal and
professional growth, exceptional customer service and excellence in holistic dentistry? And as a bonus, you love the country,
mountains and outdoor lifestyle and all it has to offer?

If yes, you should definitely apply for a position at Snowy Mountains Dental.

Please follow the links to the relevant page for you to find out how to apply

"If you look after your team, they will look after your customers.
It’s that simple”

Richard Branson

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