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A content lady sitting in a dentist patient chair looking into a mirror looking at her clean teeth.


Anxious Patients and Patient Care

If you are anxious, scared or even terrified of dental treatment, you are not alone. It is a big club. There are a number of treatment options available depending on the level of anxiety you experience. Just let us know before your appointment and we’re more than happy to help – we help people who have dental anxiety everyday day.  Our aim is to deliver the most pleasant experience to each and every patient, so always let us know how we can help you feel most comfortable.

At Snowy Mountains Dental our holistic approaches to help out anxious patients include:

• Calm, supportive team 
• Use of local anaesthetics 
• Oral sedation
• The use of rubber dam and its importance in calming people is a big help ensuring that you don’t have water etc. filling the back of your throat and allows you to relax. With rubber dam and local anaesthetics many people have been known to fall asleep. 

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