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Sleep Dentistry

Sleep is the most important part of the day. With a consistently good night’s sleep you are more likely to have the physical, mental and emotional resilience to deal with the stresses we face in our modern world. It also boosts your immune system, improves your weight, your hormone balance, ability to think clearly … in fact it improves every health measure and the likelihood of overcoming many diseases. 
At Snowy Mountains Dental, we not only look at your dental hygiene… we also investigate your sleep hygiene. 


How do you know if you need help with your sleep hygiene? 
Simply ask yourself these three questions… 

• Is it easy for me to go to sleep at night? 
• Do I sleep all the way through the night, uninterrupted? 
• And most importantly … do I wake up feeling refreshed in the morning? 

If you answer no to any of these questions, you may need help improving your sleep so you get the rest your body needs and deserves! 

Also ask yourself: 

• Is my sleep disrupted? 

• Do I wake up with headaches, neck aches or jaw pain? 
• Do I, or does my partner snore? 
• Do I, or does my partner notice that I clench or grind my teeth? 
• Do I wake up with dry lips or a dry mouth? 

• Is my nose congested or blocked?

• Do I have a history of dental decay or gum disease that has been difficult to treat?

• Do I wake up feeling unrefreshed?

• Do I experience daytime fatigue?

If the answer to any of these is yes, then there may be ways we can help you to lead to a better night’s sleep. 

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